Maybe your business is in its infancy…or perhaps it’s mature. Regardless, we know you want to grow and you probably have a number in mind. You may even know how you intend to get there. What you’re probably less certain of is whether your business is really prepared to scale. In our experience, we often find the leader is too close to the business to confidently identify what must change to enable growth. That’s why our approach starts with a diagnostic of the business and culminates in supporting you through change.

Phase 1: Assess & Compare to Best Practices of High-Growth Firms

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technologies
  • Deliverable: Report of Findings & Recommendations

Phase 2: Address Gaps & Develop Strategy

  • Debrief Report
  • Outline Key Initiatives
  • Deliverable: Action Plan

Phase 3: Execute & Hold Accountable

  • Project Oversight
  • Milestone Achievement Support
  • Deliverable: Training / Coaching for Accountability

When you work with us on retainer, we freely share our intellectual property such as:

  • Hiring & Onboarding Model
  • Compensation Plan Guidance
  • Sales Management Process, Templates, & Tools
  • Performance Management Model

Listen to Amy’s “Growing Pains” presentation at ASA Staffing World about how to address growth constraints to scale your firm.