Like athletes and surgeons, sales leaders need the right skills applied in the right way at the right time. And above all, they need passion for what they do.

As the owner of a staffing firm, do you have the skills, the best practices, the time…and the desire to drive the sales effort in your organization? If one or more of these isn’t present to a degree you’re comfortable with, you may benefit from the coaching of a staffing industry sales leader. Or perhaps someone on your team might.

Bingham Consulting believes coaching is most successful when the coach is competent and the coachee is fully engaged. When you work with us, we start with an assessment that gives us insight into how you operate today. Then we collaborate with you on a custom coaching/advisory services plan that maximizes your personal strengths and addresses areas of improvement. And since we know from experience that sales management tools, templates, and processes may be in short supply in your organization, we freely share intellectual property from our arsenal of staffing industry best practices to help you produce the desired outcomes through your recruiters and sales reps.

Helping staffing sales leaders up their game is what we’re all about.