The importance of providing great training augmented by continuous learning for your recruiters and sales reps cannot be overstated. Beyond hiring right, training is the single most critical factor for a staffing firm’s long-term success.

Bingham Consulting believes training outcomes are optimal in a live setting where interaction and role-playing can be directly observed, and where distractions such as smart phones and email can be effectively managed. In most cases, training workshops are delivered in person by Amy Bingham at your location or an alternate local venue.

  • Workshops are typically full-day (up to 6 sessions) or half-day (up to 4 sessions).
  • Workshop content is updated regularly as new best practices emerge.
  • Workshop agendas can be designed as "mix and match" with content from any of the Step Up suite of offerings.
  • Workshops may be delivered one session at a time either onsite or via webinar (client's webinar platform is utilized), such as in a Lunch and Learn format.
  • Individual sessions are 1-1.5 hours in length.
  • Training topics not included here can be developed at client's request (additional charges apply).
 STEP UP Training Series
step up

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Sales Process Step 1: Target Account Prospecting
  • Sales Process Step 2: Setting a Meeting
  • Sales Process Step 3: Managing Objections
  • Sales Process Step 4: Conducting a Meeting
  • Sales Process Step 5: Growing Accounts

Additional Sales-Related Sessions Ideal for Lunch and Learns:

  • Networking Mastery
  • Pricing for Profits
  • Overcoming Fear of the Phone
  • Everybody Sells
  • Understanding Selling & Servicing Direct Hire
step up

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Time Management
  • Becoming an Uber-Recruiter
  • Recruiting Process Step 1: Attracting Talent
  • Recruiting Process Step 2: Artful Interviewing
  • Recruiting Process Step 3: Submitting to Sell
  • Recruiting Process Step 4: Prepping Thoroughly
  • Recruiting Process Step 5: Closing the Deal
step up

  • Trends in Staffing
  • Creating a Strong Value Proposition
  • Differentiating Your Firm in a Commoditized Industry
  • Staffing Leadership: The Vital 9
  • Building a Team of Winners
  • Performance Management Made Simple
DiSC® Personality Profile Workshop

This 3-4 hour workshop uses the DiSC® Personality Profile to help individuals and teams increase interpersonal effectiveness. Applicable to the entire organization, it is great for company meetings and team-building. Workshop objectives are twofold: first, to help staffing industry professionals gain a broader understanding of their personal behavioral style and second, to learn how to adjust their style to that of those with different styles for optimal outcomes. The workshop content is facilitated from a staffing industry perspective, and includes instruction for utilizing the knowledge gained to increase desired outcomes with clients and with candidates.

As a result of participation in this session, attendees will:

  • Understand the four DiSC styles and appreciate the diverse values among co-workers
  • Appreciate their own and each other's unique strengths and accept each other’s limitations
  • Build empathy and compassion for the needs and struggles of their co-workers
  • Understand how others see them and get feedback on their behavior
  • Recognize their unique way of handling conflict and understand the impact of their behavior on others
  • Use their new learning to develop strategies for working through conflict and fostering trust

The facilitator will address applying the principles of DiSC® in selling situations.

Participants will come away with an understanding of how to “read” the behavioral styles of clients, prospects, and candidates and then adjust their own personal style to match that of the individual they are “selling” to in order to support the desired outcomes.

Standard Workshop Agenda

  • DISC® theory
  • Benefits of DISC®
  • In-depth review of the four DISC® Behavior Styles
    • Strengths
    • What each values
    • What each criticizes
    • What each fears
    • What each needs from others
    • How each increases personal effectiveness
  • DiSC® Group Culture Report Review
    • Maps the distribution of primary and secondary DISC® styles in the group
    • Provides insight into the group’s culture
    • Plots group data: DISC® styles and percentages
  • Strategies for increasing interpersonal effectiveness and group dynamics specific to this group based on reports and interpretive analysis
  • Creating positive sales outcomes using DiSC® principles intuitively