Are You Powering Your People
as published in SI Review Magazine
November 2010

Business has improved and the staffing industry is hiring again. Your people may be getting calls from recruiters, but turnover doesn't have to be inevitable. Beyond their relationship with their next-level managers, how employees percieve that the senior leadership of the organization is supporting them may determine whether or not they take those calls. Read More »

Now What? Capitalize on Post-Recession Growth by Shoring Up Sales Effectiveness
as published in SI Review Magazine
May 2010

The staffing industry has spent the last couple of years hunkered down in survival mode, but the earth has stopped shaking, and like the people of Haiti and Chile, we have have an opportunity to rebuild stronger. Though the recession left destruction in its wake, it's clear the industry has turned a corner and better times lie ahead. Read More »

Are Your Employees Engaged? Or Just Really Good Actors
as published in SI Review Magazine
December 2009

The recession has officially ended and demand for contingent labor is picking up — welcome news for the staffing industry after being browbeaten for nearly two years. Finally maybe we can all relax and get down to the business of closing business and booking revenue. And since things look brighter, our staff is reenergized and ready to take on the world! Soon we'll be trouble free. Read More »

Business Still Tough? Make a New Prospect List
as published in SI Review Magazine
March 2009

Most of us entered the New Year with a sense of cautious optimism. After all, what could be worse than the storms we faced in 2008 with stocks plummeting, our retirement accounts eroding and the companies we service laying off in droves? The impact hit many of us close to home as we watched good people lose their jobs... Read More »

Avoiding Hiring Pitfalls
as published in SI Review Magazine
September 2008

You're doing your routine quality control checks. You call one of your best clients after placing and inbound customer service representative, and you ask how she's doing, one week into her assignment. He hesitates. "She's doing okay," he says with some trepidation Not satisfied he's coming clean with you, you probe a little more. Read More »

Judging a Book by its Cover... & What to do About It
as published in SI Review Magazine
August 2008

It happens to everyone who works a desk at some point. You toil away locating the perfect candidate for the job order, you excitedly send him over to your customer's site for an interview, and the hiring manager calls afterward with this news: "He's just not the right cultural fit." So you ask questions for clarification but find your can get no concrete reasons for the rejection. Read More »

Treasuring Your Clients
as published in SI Review Magazine
July 2008

The economy has us all feeling like we're on a rudderless ship. We're sailing, but the water's rough, and course uncertain. It seems like bad news is everywhere and factors largely out of our control are driving the buying habits of our customers. We must figure out how to regain control of the vessel to reach our destination before the competition does. Read More »

Is Your Sales Rep Set Up for Success?
as published in SI Review Magazine
June 2008

His activity will pay off, you've been telling yourself. Any day now he'll close a big deal. Still, you're having trouble ignoring the little voice inside your head that's just about shouting: Shouldn't he bringing in more new business by now? Read More »

Best-Laid Plans

as published in SI Review Magazine

April 2008

A quarter of the year is over. How's business? Where are you with executing that brilliant strategic plan? You know, that document sitting on the shelf in your office that you and your peers created with the confidence that 2008 was the year you'd blow your competitors out of the water?

Read More »

Workforce Shortage Series
as published in SI Review Magazine.

  • Part 1: The Aging Workforce Dilemma: A Challenge and an Opportunity for Staffing Companies
    December 2007
    Are you sitting on a task force in your organization today to help your company figure out how to deal with "the 2010 problem?" If you're not, you probably should be. Read More »
  • Part 2: Diamonds in the Rough (Aging Female Workers)
    January 2008
    At lunch recently with friends, conversation turned to reentering the workforce after staying home to raise children. Their kids now in grade school, two of 40-something friends — bright, college-educated women who had successful careers before making the choice to stay home — said they are ready to go back to work. Read More »
  • Part 3: Preparing Gen X for Senior Leadership Roles
    February 2008
    Is your organization prepared with a succession plan that will ensure it continues to thrive when the current senior regime retires? If your future leaders are already on the bench and being groomed to do more, your company is in better shape than many. Read More»
  • Part 4: Gen Y...Spoiled or Just Misunderstood?
    March 2008
    The new placement specialist had that deer-in-the-headlights look on her face when her branch manager suggested she take the training manuals home that night. The manager was instantly leery. This new hire looked so promising during the interview stage, having the right skills, the right behaviors and the right energy level to succeed in the industry. Did she make a bad hire? Why did it feel like this individual wasn't willing to devote time after hours to ensuring she was properly trained for success? Read More»

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