Where to Recruit Recruiters

We are reminded just how tough recruiting can be when we need to fill an internal position. Especially in a candidate’s market.

When it comes to internal hires, I’ve found that some people can handle this crazy people business and some just aren’t cut out for it!

Recruiting producers is easier when we first consider first the type of candidates who typically thrive in our business, and then where we are most likely to find them.

Who is the ideal hire?

The ideal recruiter has a strong customer service orientation, is energetic, loves to work at a fast pace, genuinely likes people, and is resilient – among other attributes.

Where are we likely to find these candidates?

Three industries are terrific breeding grounds for success in Staffing.


I worked for Macy’s before being recruited to Staffing.

It was an easy transition and after 25 years I’m still here.

I was taught the customer is always right even when the customer is wrong, and that selling trumps everything else. Sound familiar?

I’ve been called the Energizer Bunny (for those under 40, that’s comes from a 1973 battery ad ). I was used to very long days. I liked the fast pace and the variety of my work. And I mostly like people. 

Want to recruit retail people? Go to the mall. Approach the sales associates who impress you and tell them they can make more money and don’t have to work nights and weekends. You’ll have their attention, I promise.

The last great hire I recruited was for a client and I found him at Sam’s.


If you’ve ever been a server, you learned the value of pleasing people or you didn’t last long.

Want to recruit hospitality workers? Go to restaurants. Approach the servers who impress you and tell them exactly what you told the retail people.

I recently talked with a recruiter at a networking event who had just entered the Staffing Industry from hotel management. When I asked how it was going he said, “I think I died and went to heaven.” I smiled and replied, “You’re still in the honeymoon period. Just wait!”


Some train their agents better than others, but if you’ve ever rented a car you probably experienced service with a smile and were upsold a nicer car, gas, or insurance.

Want to recruit rental agents? Go to the airport and give those who impress you the same pitch you gave the retailers and the hospitality workers.

Some of the best sales reps I’ve seen in my career came from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

I just gave you an excuse to shop, dine out, and rent your favorite wheels. How could hiring be this fun?!

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