Do You Need to Clear Your Brain’s Cache?

Ever feel like you’ve had too many tabs open for too long, leaving your brain’s battery drained like a phone with too many apps open?

The human brain is like a web browser, storing information every time you perform a task.

When a browser stores too much information it starts to slow down, at which point it needs a refresh.

If it seems like your system is grinding to a halt, and mundane work tasks are becoming drudgery, *you’re probably burnt out and just need to clear your cache. *

The absolute best way to empty an overloaded brain is to give it a break.

Step away from work.

It’s best to take a vacation, so if you have the time, your brain is showing you now is the time to take it.

If you can’t take time off, do something that has nothing to do with work over the weekend.

Plan a fun outdoor activity.

Take a road trip to a place you’ve never been.

Get back to an old hobby you abandoned.

Have a nice long talk with a good friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

No email and no texting about work stuff.

Work will be there waiting for you when you return with a clear brain ready to function well again.

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