Strategic and Operational Consulting for the Staffing Industry

We Feel Your Pain

To say the staffing industry is competitive is an understatement. There are about 20,000 staffing firms operating 39,000 offices in the U.S. It’s getting harder and harder to grow your firm. You really want to know what you don’t know now that can make the difference between plateauing and growing.

What if you had consistently high-performing recruiters and sales reps, best practice recruiting and sales processes, and a leadership team with the business acumen to drive growth? 

With twenty-five years’ staffing industry expertise, Bingham Consulting has helped hundreds of clients accelerate growth quickly. 

We Work Fast

Our clients say we’re easy to work with, accessible, and responsive. We know you don’t have time or patience for over-engineered processes, and we pride ourselves on being a consulting firm that doesn’t operate that way.

We Set You Up for Success

We strategize with you. We train your team. We take people to the next level through leadership and performance coaching. Since every staffing firm is unique, we help you develop SOPs for recruiting and selling your way. In short, we help create the blueprint to compete in today’s ever-changing world of recruiting and staffing.

About Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham is the founder of Bingham Consulting, an operational consulting firm for staffing companies. Amy puts twenty-five years of staffing industry expertise to work for her clients in all sectors and sizes with one goal: to help them grow their firms. She has worked with hundreds of staffing firms over the years increasing their revenues. A highly-rated passionate and engaging speaker, Amy educates managers, sales reps, and recruiters on the latest best practices at national and state conferences and company events. Amy lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband. They have two adult children and three awesome cats.