3 Traits of Admirable Staffing Leaders

Last week we kicked off the Q1 Staffing Leadership Accelerator Program.

The first practicum is all about becoming an admirable leader – the kind whose team loves working with them.

*How do admirable leaders behave? *

*Admirable leaders display high emotional intelligence. *

These managers communicate in an emotionally intelligent way, leveraging the four key competencies of EQ:

1. Self-Awareness – the perception of themselves, and how others perceive them

2. *Self-Management *– their ability to respond to situations using logic vs. emotion

3. Social Awareness – their ability to “read the room” and recognize social cues

4. Relationship Management – their ability to prioritize and develop strong relationships with others

Admirable leaders know when to manage and when to lead.

These managers know that admirable leadership combines both managerial and leadership approaches. They understand which style to use in specific situations.

Here are just a few examples.

  • Focus: Admirable leaders understand when their focus should be the work, and when it should be on their people.
  • Approach: Admirable leaders seek first to collaborate and inspire but know which situations require a more directive approach.
  • Decision-Making: Admirable leaders facilitate decision-making but know when to own the final decision.

*Admirable leaders approach difficult conversations strategically to change behavior. *

These leaders understand difficult conversations most often result in adjusting behavior when they do three things:

1. Prepare: Admirable leaders gather all the facts before having a difficult conversation.

2. Confront: Admirable leaders approach the discussion with care.

3. Gain Commitments: Admirable leaders gain agreement to behavior change.

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