Did Your Annual Strategic Planning Meeting Include This?

Employees stay when they’re learning.

According to Culture Amp, 37% surveyed say a lack of growth and development is a key reason they have quit a job.

But in my experience, many Staffing leaders don’t give talent development planning a lot of attention.

Some think it’s HR’s job (it isn’t, but they can help).

Some believe it will happen organically (it won’t).

Or maybe the task feels too daunting (it doesn’t have to be – read on).

You can make this process straightforward by taking three steps.

First, establish key competencies for each role.

To get started, review the job description for the role for the skills you’re expecting the employee to hone. If you haven’t seen a Recruiter job description in a while, this is where HR can help. Beyond recruiting process and ATS training, effective time management and attention to detail are critical for recruiters.

*Next, create a simple template to outline and monitor the plan. *

The template should include the skills you want your employee to develop, space for the actions to improve or learn them, and the associated timelines. We recommend creating quarterly and annual action items to enable short and longer-term goal achievement.

Finally, work with your employee to outline the plan and review it during your 1:1s to track progress.

Start by asking your employee for input. What skills would he like to (or needs to) improve this quarter and this year?

For example, does your salesperson need to develop better negotiation skills to attain higher margin business? If so, how will they accomplish this – taking a course, working with a mentor, reading a book, etc.?

Doing this at the individual level is important, but you can also create a talent development plan for developing your entire team.

For example, if one of your goals is that each member of the team attain the American Staffing Association’s CSP certification, what actions will be taken this quarter to begin that process?

*Your employees will thank you for investing in their professional development. *

*And they’ll reward you by staying. *

Bingham Consulting Professionals LLC